Help Hold Tim Pawlenty Accountable

The latest results are here, and you might not have predicted what your fellow progressives had to say about Tim Pawlenty's worst decision as governor. Supporters are still casting their ballots, but this is where the voting stands as of right now:

The Worst Thing Percentage of Minnesotans Leaving us a $6.2 billion deficit 46.71% Cutting $185 million from our schools 30.61% Increasing the # of uninsured Minnesotans by 50% 16.55% Neglecting our infrastructure 6.12%

While this poll shows how strongly some people feel about certain parts of Tim Pawlenty’s record, the reality is that Pawlenty made a lot of decisions that inflicted significant damage on Minnesotans. We must hold him accountable.

Contribute today to make sure we have the resources to hold Tim Pawlenty accountable before he can take Minnesota down the wrong path again.

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